If you’re a young person today, chances are you have experienced, or at least understand, the increasing difficulties in finding employment. Having a varied skillset and knowledge of a professional industry can be vital when trying to stand out from the crowd. This is why, earlier last year, we partnered with the Youth Employability Support (YES) Project to provide a scheme that helps unemployed 15-24 year olds make a positive progression into education, training and work.

Seed’s 8-week YES Media course gives young people a hands-on introduction to using video cameras, sound equipment and lighting, as well as the opportunity to create their own short film. By providing a bespoke support package for these young learners, and allowing them to develop their filmmaking skills, YES Media helps learners develop their confidence, team working skills and motivation.

Over the duration of the programme, we were more than overjoyed to see these young people overcome personal barriers and grow into knowledgeable, young professionals, prepared to flourish. Hayley Goodman, a learner who has completed the YES Media course, and now progressed into employment, said, “Not only is YES Media amazing for meeting new people, building social skills and developing your own personal skills, but it is brilliant for any young person that’s looking to incorporate structure and routine into their lives. It increases your confidence and helps you work up the courage to step out of your comfort zone”.

Seed’s Operations and Training Director, Chris Gray, has proved to be a huge success with learners, with his energetic, dynamic and patient approach. “Not only am I grateful for this course, but also forever grateful I got to meet Chris, who is absolutely outstanding at his job and helps you believe that you can achieve the impossible,” says Hayley. Chris mentored and supported each student with their individual projects and overall short creative film. The most recent group of learners made a concept music video.

Here at the Seed Creativity Academy, we not only pride ourselves on our ability to provide an insightful and enjoyable learning experience, but also our ability to provide a useful stepping stone to progress into the workplace. Since the YES Project began in September 2017, 70 students have now found work and 38 have moved into further education.