The Benefits of Collaborative Workspace.

Freelancing in the comfort of your own home sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Having the freedom to work your own hours from your bed, dreaming of the possibilities of professional and personal growth that lies ahead. That is, until you realise you’ve just binged on nearly every series on Netflix; eaten every remnant in your fridge; and no longer recognise what the morning looks like. On paper, working from home seems ideal for those buzzing freelancers and entrepreneurs starting out, but the reality is often very different. It can be undisciplined; it can be isolating; and in the long run, it can limit your development. Being boxed in an office cubicle doesn’t sound like much fun either! Instead, you may consider coworking. This is a newly trending work culture under the roof of a ‘collaborative workspace’. It offers a scope of benefits for those who are starting afresh in the world of enterprise, including increased cost savings, productivity, flexibility, company service, networking opportunities, and let’s not forget – an actual social life with the chance to form new friendships, relationships, and probably a few regrettable nights out.

What is a collaborative workspace? Its history can be traced back to Hawthorne studies on work productivity, which was later adopted and improved upon in Germany by The Quickborner Group, to create better communication and teamwork. Instead of silo departments functioning separately, or freelancers working alone at home, there is a cross-functional team working closely in harmony. Individuals each have their own unique skillset to contribute to the people around them, like how to code websites, develop digital marketing strategies, or moonwalk through the office. The work often acquired by freelancers will take them across different creative disciplines, and working in a collaborative working space allows individuals to tap into different expertise from people in close proximity. As such, coworking offers instant access to a variety of influences from which you can always learn. Our Seed team, for example, consists of graphic designers, illustrators, music producers and video producers, as well as business operations and management.

Benefits of collaborative workspaces

Zellig is a contemporary workplace in Birmingham for creative enterprises to cowork. Part of the magic of Zellig is the creation of 3 varying communal spaces. What was once a divided abandonment of a building has quite literally bridged together to make a more dynamic and visually pleasing place to work between individuals. They have loads of features, from flying sculptures and gallery units to inspire creativity, to advice, 24/7 security, and WiFi for practical benefit.

Cisco collaborative workplace

It’s no surprise that technology is now a crucial part of helping workplaces connect and achieve better results. The traditional setup of companies is being thrown out the window and replaced with…Windows. This is not only important when choosing a company to work for but also for those e-professionals looking to get their career off the ground in a way that is suited to their productivity, finance, and wellbeing. Technology enhances communication between employees through emails, instant messaging and video conferencing (Skype), to name a few. We use Google Drive at Seed, which offers integration for creating and sharing information between employees, although sometimes it’s just a matter of just turning our heads and opening our mouths. Crazy, I know.

Second Home lives and breathes the concept of the collaborative workspace, which they describe as ‘building a diverse ecosystem of creative people and organisations that are capable of having a collaborative and synergistic relationship with one another’. The idea is to connect people across a range of industries, to help them network and innovate together. It also demonstrates more than this. It has created a social culture with yoga, restaurant food, guest talks and even showers, in case you arrive to the office dirty. The idea is that well-being ultimately inspires creativity.

Life after education can often seem intimidating and overwhelming; the workplace may appear isolating and pressuring. Our team at Seed are always growing individually and the whole company reaps the benefits. Our culture follows the idea of the collaborative workspace and lets us work effectively but flexibly, and we encourage students looking to start work to take into consideration the awesome benefits of the collaborative workplace whether you’re seeking employment or starting a business.