Photograph of two training course attendees. In the foreground, a young girl concentrates on what she is writing, where the man in the background is looking up and laughing

Based in Leicestershire,  the Seed Creative Academy is no ordinary training provider. Practical and experiential-based learning mirrors up-to-date industry knowledge and expertise, driven from our award-winning creative agency directly into the workshops.

Our finger is firmly on the pulse of up-to-date skills, tools and techniques, redesigning the future of creative and technical education. Engage with creative professionals in an inspiring environment; learn from listening, watching and getting hands-on.

Our two most popular courses are How to Master Your Brand Strategy and How to Master Your Digital Marketing Strategy. These courses receive regular acclaim from our diverse attendees: from students and start-ups to marketing managers and company owners. Get in touch to find out more.

Photograph of a man who is attending the training workshop, smiling at the camera